Wollerton Old Hall Garden

Wollerton Old Hall Gardens - 4 miles from Rosehill Manor.  A 16th century house and garden designs, covering 4 acres, full of interesting plants. Tea rooms and nursery.

Hodnet Hall Gardens

Hodnet Hall Gardens, 6 miles from Rosehill Manor. Stunning gardens and buildings, well worth a visit.

Dorothy Clive Gardens

Dorothy Clive Garden, 9 miles from Rosehill Manor. Great place to visit and unwind, offering good food and views.

Shrewsbury Quarry Park

Shrewsbury Quarry Park, 19 miles from Rosehill Manor. A 29 acre parkland with the river severn running through it. A really lovely open space which hosts many events throughout the year.

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens, 18 miles from Rosehill Manor. A beautiful country estate with 19th century gothic castle, and glorious gardens. Lots of see and do all year round.









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